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Ronnie Pollard (I)

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Nat Baker (R)
Jim Caldwell (I)
Bill Rasco (R)
James A. Riley (I)

  -District 1
Supervisor-Dist 1:
Jessie L. Medlin (R)

  -District 2
 Supervisor-Dist 2:
Larry Borgognoni (I)
Donnie Ray Chambliss III (R)
Kenneth D. Evans (R)
Mark Gardner (R)
Sean Green (R)
Ricky P. Jobes (R)
  -District 3
 Supervisor-Dist 3:
Bill Russell (R)
James Weifenbach (R)
  -District 4
 Supervisor-Dist 4:
A.G. Baddley (R)
Eric Beene (R)
Lee Perkins Caldwell (R)
John A. Edwards (D)
David Harper (R)
Robin James (R)
Jewel Dale Wallis (R)
  -District 5
 Supervisor-Dist 5:
Harvey Wayne Lee (R)
Tommy Lewis (R)
 County Attorney
 County Attorney:
 Craig Treadway

 Chancery Clerk
 Chancery Clerk:
John T. Arnold (R)
 W.E. "Sluggo" Davis (R)

 Circuit Clerk
 Circuit Clerk:
 Dale K. Thompson (R)

 Tax Assessor
 Tax Assessor:
  Parker Pickle (R)
 Tax Collector
 Tax Collector:
  Randy Cowgill (R)
  Joey Treadway (R)

 Coroner Coroner:
 Jeffery Pounders (R)
 Supt. of Education
 Milton Kuykendall (R)

 Justice Court Judge
-District 1
 Justice Court Judge, Dist. 1
Ken Adams (R)
 Justice Court Judge
-District 2
 Justice Court Judge, Dist. 2
Scott Ferguson (R)
 Larry Vaughn (R)
 Justice Court Judge
-District 3
 Justice Court Judge, Dist. 3:
James E. 'Jim' Holland (I)
Charlie Hoots (R)
Billy Lantrip (R)
 Justice Court Judge
-District 4

 Justice Court Judge, Dist. 4:
  Kevin Leeke

  WIlliam 'Billy' Brock (I)
Joseph E. 'Joe' Carney Sr. (R)
  Brad Russell (R)
Dennis Sing (R)
 Justice Court Judge
-District 5
 Justice Court Judge, Dist. 5:
  Karen Sanders (R)
-District 1
 Constable, District 1:
 Michael 'Butch' Anderson (R)

Elizabeth 'Liz' Medlin (R)
 Lawrence W. Vaughn Jr. (R)
-District 2
 Constable, District 2
Timothy A. Fricks (R)
James G. Grant (R)
 Jimmie E. Spillers (R)
Chris Plumlee (R)
James Ripley (R)
Lance Vaughn (R)
-District 3
 Constable, District 3:
Shannon Beshears (R)
 Bobby Dupree (R)
 Brandon 'Bubba' Hylander (R)
 Pat Kelly (R) 
-District 4
 Constable, District 4:
 Jeff Hobson (R)
 Bobby Holloway (R)

Clay Meadows (R)
 Jason Motz (R) 
 Jason Wright 
-District 5
 Constable, District 5:
 Lee Hodge (R) 

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