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  Primary Election: August 2, 2011
Frederick L. "Ricky" Banks (I)
Demetrice Bedell (D)
Alfred Dean King (D)
  -District 1
Supervisor-District 1:
Phil Wolfe (R)
  -District 2
Supervisor-District 2:
Keith Chapman (D)
Robert E. Moore (D)
  -District 3
Supervisor-District 3:
Anjuan Brown (D)
Preston Ratliff (D)
Charles O. McCain, Jr. (I)
  -District 4
Supervisor-District 4:
Wayne Self (I)
Eric Mitchell (I)
Solomon C. Osborne (D)
  -District 5
Supervisor-District 5:
Robert Collins (D)
Ted Barrett (I)
 County Attorney
County Prosecuting Attorney:
Richard Oakes (I)
 Chancery Clerk
Chancery Clerk:
Sam Abraham (I)
 Circuit Clerk
Circuit Clerk:
Mary Rice-Roberson (I)
Elmus Stockstill (D)
Curtis Coates (I)
Jackie-Harris Littleton (D)
William H. Lott (I)
Dennis Barlow (I)
Larry Blue Neal
 Tax Assessor
Tax Assessor:
Leroy Ware (D)
 Tax Collector
Tax Collector:
Sara Kenwright (I)
Annie M. Conley (D)
Debra Sanders (D)
 Supt. of Education
Bessie L. Smith (D)
Viola Williams (I)
Jean Hall (D)
 Justice Court Judge
-Southern District
Justice Court Judge-Southern District:
Carlos Palmer
 Justice Court Judge
-Northern District
Justice Court Judge-Northern District:
Jim Campbell (R)
 Justice Court Judge
-Central District
Justice Court Judge- Central District:
James Littleton
-District 1
Constable-Southern District:
Andrew McQueen (D)
Chris Glass (I)
-District 2
Constable-Central District:
Vonzell Self
-District 3
Constable-Northern District:
Steve Pernell
Brad E. Willoughby

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